We have released a new website design, viewable now at www.pamptherfinance.com

As discussed in our last update we were voting on which Crypto Influencers to add to the Pampther & Friends game. The community decided on CZ Binance, and Elon Musk to join the next expedition voyage to the moon!

The new update will feature new in-game UI, and these 2 Crypto Juggernauts to join Pampther! Once again, a new Trophy NFT will be up for grabs to commemorate that player’s achievement! The Pampther Prediction Market will once again be open, full details available on our website…

We have previously posted a where to from here, and have a few further worthy mentions that we would like to discuss, while the upcoming competition held on Pampther & Friends between Pampther, Hoge and Poodl is being finalized.

The team are opening up voting options to the community on who they would like to see feature in a future expedition of Pampther & Friends! The voting poll is being held on the Pampther telegram!


The top 2 most voted characters will feature with full 3D models in game, unique playable designs, and the ability for players to specify…

As usual the team would like to thank each and every Pampther for their continued support, almost 2000 Pampthers and counting!

We often get stuck in the nitty-gritty, day to day chaos and fail to look back and gain perspective. Looking back almost 2months — Pampther held a presale on DX Sale, which due to technical issues failed. The team were able to identify issues and rectify them. Shortly after another presale was held. This one smashing our softcap and allowing the deployment of the liquidity.

Since inception, the team have continuously been looking forward, however at times it is…

Congratulations to all Pampthers!

The Pampther contract has been audited by Solidity Finance and has summoned greater confidence in the community eliminating the fear of exploits in the contract. More information on the audit can be found on the Solidity Finance website.


Getting back to the exciting stuff!
The much anticipated Pampther & Friends game has arrived. Embark on a journey to the moon with your Pampther and friends, along the way collect gold coins and set a score for other players to challenge.

Like the concept of Pampther itself, Pampther & Friends embodies the belief of bringing communities…

This moment has long been in the making and is a big milestone for all Pampthers. We cannot emphasize this enough, without the support and resources of the community the Pampther idea would not be the success that it is. Pampther is a community for the community, if you have not done so already, join the telegram and help sharpen the claws of this big cat.


Pampther is now trading live on Pancakeswap!!!


The Liquidity generated from the presale has been locked forever!
The Pancakeswap liquidity tokens were sent to a burn address

From the conclusion of…

The long awaited launch of Pampther is at our doorstep. After months of development the Pampther token is ready to Go Live!

For those who have followed and imbedded themselves in the Pampther community know this has been long in the making. Before getting into the nitty gritty of the presale a brief introduction is in order for those only now stumbling upon our idea. Pampther is a deflationary cryptocurrency on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), on each transaction of PAMPTHER 1% of that transaction is burnt forever, 1% is redistributed to holders and 0.1% …

The Pampther team is a 100% community owned token. From our predecessor Panther Token in which the developer had abandoned ship, the community got together to create Pampther. Getting a new Developer on board and delegating tasks throughout the community the fire began to rise. After generating a new contract on the BSC chain and airdropping panther tokens 50% of their holdings in the new Pampther, the next step was to start a presale in order to generate liquidity and provide a marketing budget for the team.

With the presale reaching its soft cap on DXSale, all was set to…

PAMPTHER is a deflationary token in which 1% of each transaction is burnt, a further 1% is redistributed to holders and 0.1% is automatically donated to Binance Charity wallet.

The Pampther team believe the crypto gains should be shared and given back to our world and in particular the animals which lack voices.

The Pampther team is community driven. You, yes you can join the movement. The team came together after the developer of Panther token had gone MIA, the community spoilt with resources and knowledge developed PAMPTHER. As recognition for the value of the community Panther token holders were…


Official Medium for the $PAMPTHER. Per TX: 1% redistributed to Pampther holders, 1% burned, 0.1% donated to Binance Charity Wallet

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